Marcos Gonçalves

about me

Hi there!

I'm Marcos Gonçalves: developer advocate, software engineer and essentially passionated about software development.

For over 10 years I have been working intensely in software development, with especial focus on web environment,leading architecture and design pattern for data intensive application, establishing standards and methods to organize technical troubleshooting;mentoring and guiding Junior/Mid level Engineers, collaborating to define medium and long term strategies and its paths to achieve it.

I have a solid experience and deep knowledge in JavaScript, developing E-commerce platforms, Single & Multi Page Applications, Mobile applications, APIs (REST & GraphQL),Pipeline & Transform Plugins for Webpack & Babel,Developer Frameworks;either by codding in Typescript, Vanilla JavaScript, ES6+, Node.js, C# or GoLang, wrapped in the most modern stacks and frameworks, such as React,React Native, Redux, GraphQL, Webpack and Babel, all covered by Unit Tests written in either Jest, Enzyme, Mocha or Chai andE2E using Cypress.

My technical knowledge comprehends from 8 coding languages, 8 databases manager, 23 frameworks, 8 testing frameworks,cloud infrastructure (AWS), design, prototyping and naturally, version control.